Under Construction: Being Biblical

Date: April 22, 2018
Text: Acts 19:1 :20
Series: Under Construction



About This Sermon:

This Sunday we begin a new series entitled:  Under Construction.  In our study of Ephesians we were constantly reminded to put off the old self… and put on the new self.  As children of the King we are to walk in this life different from the world.  This series will focus on practical ways we can “walk as children of the light.”  Or to put it differently, How does one intentionally live for Jesus?  How does one grow to be more and more like him?  Through the Holy Spirits' power we are truly “under construction…”until we reach glory.

 So this week our study comes from Acts 19: 1-20; and the theme is:  Being Biblical.

As God’s children we are called to be in His Word.   But everything we hear today tells us that God’s Word is full of error… that it is a flawed document that cannot be taken seriously… and that it therefore can have no impact on our lives today… are they right?  Or… are they wrong?  What does the evidence really say?

Join us this Sunday as we open God’s Word and discover the truth about our call to Being Biblical!