The Greatest Angel

Date: May 17, 2015
Text: Luke 24:13 24:35
Series: Angels: God’s Mysterious Servants



About This Sermon:

Series: Angels: God’s Mysterious Messengers
Text: Luke 24:13-35
Theme: The Greatest Angel

The Angel of the Lord in the Old Testament
Genesis 22:11-18
Exodus 3:2-6
Judges 13:17-22
Joshua 5:13-15
Malachi 3:1

Was The Angel of the Lord the pre-incarnate Jesus?
Jesus is the only visible manifestation of the Trinity
The Angel identified himself with the God-head
He accepted worship
He spoke as God
He never appears in the New Testament

Jesus on the road to Emmaus
Luke 24:27
“all the scriptures” means “the collective totality of everything in OT that pertained to him”
The Angel of the Lord was in fellowship with the people of Israel
The Angel of the Lord showed Israel how much he loved them
Isaiah 63:9

The Greatest Angel became the Greatest Man, only then could he save us
Hebrews 2:14-17