The Foundation of Biblical Calvinism

Date: October 9, 2016
Speaker: Pastor Dave
Text: John 1:1 :18
Series: Biblical Calvinism In John's Gospel



About This Sermon:

This Sunday we begin a series that I am very excited about because I believe it will take us deeper into the vastness of God’s sovereignty than many of us have delved before… perhaps ever. The new series is entitled: Biblical Calvinism. The title alone ought to stir the conversations at the open forum… but I believe the study will give each of us an appreciation for the glory of God in a whole new and rich way… and yet in the Gospel of John our Lord unfolds these doctrines as the very foundation for the work of the church today… namely evangelism! In spite of the fact that Calvinism has always been derided as a theology that eliminates the need for evangelism… such criticisms evaporate when one studies these doctrines from the very mouth of Jesus himself.

While we will study throughout the scriptures as we always do… the main focus of this study will be centered in the Gospel of John…arguably the greatest doctrinal discourse of the entire New Testament… yes maybe even including Paul’s letter to the Romans. I strongly encourage you take the time to read through this delightful Gospel at least once if not more before we begin this series.

Here is a tentative schedule to the series (the Lord willing):

October 9: The Foundation of Biblical Calvinism
October 16: Radical Depravity
October 23: Sovereign Election
October 30 (Reformation Day): Definite atonement
November 6: Irresistible Call
November 13: Preserving Grace
November 20: So What Difference Does it Make?

For those of you steeped in the Reformed Faith… yup… you noticed it… no TULIP there… but trust me… God’s Word will speak loud… may he give each of us the ears to hear and hearts to obey!!