The Feast of Trumpets

Date: February 21, 2016
Speaker: Pastor Dave
Text: Leviticus 23:23 :25
Series: I Met Jesus at a Jewish Party



About This Sermon:

We are starting our series on the Old Testament Festivals which I have entitled: I Met Jesus at a Jewish Party.

A study of the Old Testament Festivals at first may seem like a waste of time for one could easily question their relevance to our lives today. But in truth you cannot understand the ministry of Jesus completely and the mission of his church without understanding these OT festivals for they anticipated, celebrated and defined the ministry of Jesus Christ and his church.

These 8 festivals were instituted by God at Mount Sinai, and they can be divided into two groups: The Fall festivals were the holiest of celebrations for Israel, and the 3 Fall festivals point to the work of the church today. The 5 Spring festivals point to the work and person of Christ.

This week we are beginning with the first of the three Fall Festivals: The Feast of Trumpets.

Series: I Met Jesus at a Jewish Party
This Sunday: I Met Jesus at the Feast of Trumpets
Texts: Leviticus 23: 23-25; Acts 2:37-41; (Ezekiel 33:1-7)