Hello, It’s Me - God Incarnate

Date: June 19, 2016
Speaker: Pastor Dave
Text: John 1:1 :18
Series: Hello It’s Me



About This Sermon:

Series: Hello, It’s Me
Today: God Incarnate
John 1:1-18
Luke 2:1-20

The Purpose of the Incarnation: That God may be known
John 17:3

Why the WORD?
To differentiate from common Greek myth
To prove the deity of Christ
Genesis 1:1
Psalm 33:6

7 Things about the Baby in the Manger
1. Eternal
2. In relationship with the Father
3. Was Deity
4. Was God’s creative instrument
5. Gives life to all
6. Reveals God
7. Is incarnate: God in human flesh

How did the Word become flesh?
“It is not so much one of deity reduced as of divine capacities restrained” –J.I. Packer

What restrained the knowledge and power of Jesus?
John 5:19
John 5:30
John 6:38
Jesus restrained his knowledge and power to that which the Father willed him to know and to do

What does the incarnation mean for us today?
2 Corinthians 8:9

The incarnation is God’s invitation to us: “Look what I have done to come near to you.”