The Significance of Suffering

Date: February 12, 2017
Speaker: Pastor Dave
Text: 1 Peter 4
Series: For His Glory



About This Sermon:

Series: For His Glory (essentials of the faith)
Today: The Significance of Suffering
Text: 1 Peter 4

Meet Dave and Mel Murray: Dave and Mel Murray were missionaries in India. They developed two business that continue today in India. The profits of those businesses stay in the community there and have brought health care and educations to an impoverished region… all in the name of our Lord.

But India will not allow Dave and Mel to go back to their home there, so this December they will be moving to Northern Thailand and doing missionary work with people there. In this region of Thailand the people are so poor that they resort to selling their children to the sex-slave industry.

Today you will get to know Dave and Mel via video…as we will be supporting their mission work in Thailand.