The Power in Sanctification

Date: August 23, 2015
Text: Acts 2:1 2:13
Series: Living in Power!



About This Sermon:

Series: Living in Power
Today: The Power in Sanctification
Acts 2:1-13

1. The Holy Spirit SANCTIFIES us for a very specific purpose 
a. Acts 2:1-4
b. 1 Thessalonians 4:3

2. God’s PURPOSE for the power is the harvest
a. Acts 2:1a
b. Acts 2:41

3. The Holy Spirit power ENABLES us for the harvest
a. Acts 2:4
b. John 14:6

4. 4-way enabling
a. Their personal weaknesses were transformed into supernatural abilities (Acts 2:4; john 14:26)
b. Their fearful reluctance was transformed into a bold confidence (Acts 4:13)
c. Their fears and intimidations were transformed into a sense of invincibility (Acts 5:29)
d. Their lonely, grim feelings of abandonment were transformed into joyful perseverance (Acts 5:27-32; 41-42)