The Persistent Presence of God, part 2

Date: November 15, 2015
Speaker: Pastor Dave
Text: Mark 1
Series: How then shall we live?



About This Sermon:

Series: How Then Shall We Live?
Today: The Persistent Presence of God, part 2
Texts: Mark 1, 11, 15

Luke 2: The glory of God that Ezekiel saw depart the temple, has returned in the person of Jesus Christ.
John 1:14

Mark 1: At the Baptism of Jesus we see a brief moment when the barrier between God and man was lifted

Mark 11: At the Triumphal Entry, Jesus comes to restore the glory of God to his people forever

Mark 15: The sacrifice of Jesus made it possible once again for God to live with his people, always and in person.

How Then Shall We Live?

1. His presence is my guarantee that my sins have been forgiven
2. His presence assures me that nothing can separate me from his love
3. His presence is my assurance that his love for me will never end
4. His presence is my motivation to live every day for him