Kingdom in Crisis

Date: April 9, 2017
Text: Luke 19:28 19:40
Series: Kingdom of God



About This Sermon:

This Sunday we are going to look at the Palm Sunday story from Luke’s Gospel… Luke 19:28-40.

The theme for this week is going to be: Kingdom in Crisis. As you are going to see from now through Easter and likely beyond we are going to have a strong Kingdom-oriented themes… Every single book in the Old Testament pointed to the Kingdom of God… Jesus entire ministry was about the Kingdom of God…. It was his primary message… so given that should not the Easter season speak to the Kingdom of God…and indeed it does.

So if you have a chance take a look at this text…take a few moments and read the section just before our text ( Luke 19:11-27)… keeping in mind we are going to be talking about the “Kingdom.” (that is a hint).