Hebrews 6 - Can you lose your salvation?

Date: July 2, 2017
Speaker: Pastor Dave
Text: Hebrews 6
Series: Hebrews



About This Sermon:

This week we will be looking at Hebrews 6, perhaps one of the most difficult chapters in the Bible.  The Book of Hebrews was the last book to be added to the cannon of Scripture… largely because of chapter 6.  You see at the time the cannon was formed some argued that chapter 6 taught that it was possible for a believer to lose their salvation… and for this reason there was great debate over whether the book of Hebrews should be included in the Bible. 

 However if you read the text carefully it is clear that that is NOT what the author is teaching… in fact there is one word in the text to prove he is not teaching that we can lose our salvation… so as you are reading the text this week look for that one word (hint: unfortunately if you are reading the NIV this one word does not appear due to the way it is translated… the idea is the same but it is just a little harder to recognize) and see if you can understand the thrust of the author’s message… hope to see you all on Sunday for this challenging study!