Hebrews 10 - Worship in the new Covenant

Date: August 20, 2017
Speaker: Pastor Dave
Text: Hebrews 10
Series: Hebrews



About This Sermon:

This Sunday we continue with Hebrews 10… the second half.  Interesting passage for sure.  If you back up to the last chapter and the start of chapter 10 you get the feeling that the author of Hebrews is building up to something.  Over and over he talks of the perfect sacrifice of our great High Priest… but where is he going?  I think we find that out this week.

Think for a moment what we have learned so far.  God created man to worship him… and sin broke that by distancing us from God.  And even though God came to his people and allowed them to worship him… still Israel had to keep her distance from a holy God. Then we learned that the perfect High Priest made the perfect sacrifice for sin… and don’t forget before that we learned that God will always be true to his person and his purpose…which was always to bring us back into a place of perfect worship again…  THAT was the mission of Christ… and that is what we have come back to this week…  Worship in the new Covenant.  Worship perfected once again. 

I hope to see you all on Sunday… and I hope you come prepared to worship IN THE HOLY PRESENCE OF GOD!