God Spoke

Date: May 21, 2017
Speaker: Pastor Dave
Text: Hebrews 1
Series: The Supremacy of Christ



About This Sermon:

God Spoke
Hebrews 1:

Since this fall will mark the 500th anniversary of the Reformation… we will be having messages geared toward the theology of the Reformation through the month of October.

Given that we usually study a particular book of the Bible in the fall, we are instead going to do that over the summer months. So starting this Sunday we are going to study one of the most unique and I think exciting books of the New Testament… the book of Hebrews.

This book really has one major theme… namely the supremacy of Jesus Christ. And isn’t that something we all need live under more and more every day. How much better and how much different our lives would be if we but lived every day in the full realization of the supremacy of Jesus Christ.