A New Community on a Mission

Date: February 5, 2017
Text: Acts 2:45 2:47
Series: Christian Leadership



About This Sermon:

Friday from 7-9pm: The Biblical Qualifications for Elder/Deacon
Saturday from 9am to 1pm: The Biblical Role of Elder/Deacon
Sunday: A New Community on a Mission

Bring your Bibles and come prepared to study God’s Word on this critically important topic for the church today. The reality is that at some point in our future… we will be electing Elders and Deacons… as part of our growth as a church. So it is very important, if not absolutely critical that we understand not only the Biblical qualifications for these offices, but just as importantly the Biblical obligations of these offices. So I urge each and every one of you to attend as many of the meetings as possible.

We are very blessed to have Dr. John Sittema lead us in this time of Study.

Dr. Sittema was for 40 years a Pastor in the Christian Reformed Church and the Presbytarian Church. He has taught at 3 different seminaries including the Reformed Seminary in Charlotte. He is currently the Director of Spiritual Formation and Missiology at Rivers of the World (ROW) ministries. John is also the author of several books including: “With a Shepherd’s Heart: Reclaiming the Pastor Office of Elder.” If there has been a consistent theme to John’s ministry it is this: “Getting the gospel right.” John is married to Carol (who will be joining us) and together they enjoy a large family of 4 married children and 12 grandchildren.