4 Unlikely Women

Date: December 13, 2015
Speaker: Pastor Dave
Text: Matthew 1:1 1:17
Series: Socks & underwear for Christmas



About This Sermon:

4 Unlikely Women
Matthew 1:1-17

In Jesus day, genealogies were a necessary part of daily life
a. Luke 2:1-3

Genealogies determined so much about everyday life
b. Matthew 1:1

4 Unlikely Women
c. Tamar
d. Rahab
e. Ruth
f. The wife of Uriah

Why mention the 4 Women?
a. To send a message to self-righteous people
b. So that the grace of God could be displayed
c. To encourage you and me that his grace is sufficient even for us

Why the genealogy?
a. To prove Jesus was a historical person
b. To prove Jesus was a legitimate heir to David’s throne
c. As a back-up record of Jesus genealogy

The genealogy proves that Jesus in the only Savior. And it proves that he CAME for me, so that he might DIE for me. And nothing I have ever done or will do can change the reality of that.