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Recommendations - Websites

Christian Resource Websites

Catechism - our recommended weekly study for families, couples or singles

Christian Reformed Church in North America

Classis Central California - Information on the activities of our regional Classis

Back To God Ministries - The Radio and Broadcast Ministries of the CRC

Home Missions - The organization that promotes church planting in the USA

World Missions - The organization that promotes world missions

World Renew - The disaster response organization for disasters around the world

Calvin Theological Seminary - The website for the seminary of the CRC

CRC Services Link - The volunteer services program of the Christian Reformed Church.


Other Recommended Websites

Focus on the Family - Christian resources for the Christian family

The Pacific Justice Institute - Pro Bono legal services for religious freedom, parental rights, and other civil liberties in the courts of CA.

Christianity Today - Non-denominational Christian Magazine

Modern Reformation - A Magazine written to address modern issues

Ligonier Ministries - Resources for lay person to help in the study of God’s Word

Truth for Life - The teaching ministry of Alistair Begg


Governance Structure - An explanation of the working structure of the CRC