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Mercy Team - why this church

The NVCC Mercy Team is a group of church volunteers who believe that in serving others, we can demonstrate our Church Vision; “Where we welcome you to discover the life-changing love of God”. Our services can consist of a little help around the home, to praying with someone needing support or even providing the occasional transportation to a Doctor's appointment.

We encourage you to contact us with a description of your needs and contact info to see how we may be able to help.

Email either OR OR write to:

Mercy Team

Napa Valley Community Church

4149 Linda Vista Ave

Napa, CA 94558

Some recent examples:

Dear mercy team,

Thank you so much for helping us pick up the bed and washer for my son and daughter in-law. David and Claire were very grateful for the time and effort you were willing to give them. The mercy team has been a real blessing to us and we are grateful for being part of this church. Thanks again, Rich and Roni. 11.18.18

Dear Don and Ken,

I praise The Lord for blessing me with your help in moving my washer and dryer. It not only helped my brother moving them, but may have served as a witness to him! I really appreciate your help! Lord continue to bless. Suzi. 11/10/18

Dear Pastor Dave & Church,

Just a little note full of a million thank you's for the generous check and all your blessings. This past year was a very trying year & many times felt so lost - but some how there was always a positive action at the end of the day and my faith to carry me into the next day. I truly feel blessed to be a recipient of these funds which will go into the down payment of a home to replace ours lost in the fires. Thank you again! Blessings Marti. 03/30/18.

"Thank you for your willingness to give of  yourselves to others. The most important and priceless gift." Susan 12/22/17.

"Thank you for all of the support you have offered!" Lizzet 12/21/17.

"With so much gratitude for all your assustance with our clients." Xavia 12/20/17. 

"The mercy team from NVCC, reached out to help me during a time that I  needed it. I have struggled with back pain, and a house that needed some minor projects done, both were overwhelming to me.  Since I was not able to work, my finances did not always allow to hire out.   Tony and Randy, were able to problem solve, assess, with a few tools, but more importantly, showed compassion to me,  which I know came out of their love for Christ.   They got some jobs done!  I have been very grateful." Lauren 11/14/17.

"We are no longer able to do the things that were so easy for us in our younger years and now we have our Mercy Team that were here to help us when we needed our dishwasher leak fixed, install overhead light bulbs, no more climbing on ladders, hooking up the new TV with all the new technology, and moving various heavy items around the house.  Thank you for all your smiling faces and helping hands.”   Glen & Shirley  9/7/17.

"When my husband and I had to move our family to a different home due to unforeseen circumstances, the Mercy Team became like family and helped us pack our boxes, pitched in to help us paint our kitchen, and checked in on us throughout the process. They were there for us in our time of need and even beyond the move. We are so grateful and look forward to assisting them in the future as they continue to help others in need." Alejandro & Heather  8/15/17.