The Real Reason for Thanksgiving

Date: November 29, 2015
Text: Luke 15:11 15:32
Series: Thanksgiving

About This Sermon:

The Real Reason for Thanksgiving
Luke 15:11-32

Our thanksgiving is based upon which paradigm we view life through
Luke 5:11-12
Luke 15:11-12
Luke 15:25-27
Luke 15:28
Luke 15:1-2
Luke 15:31

Do we need to make a paradigm shift in our thinking about Thanksgiving?
Luke 15:32

The basis for our thanksgiving should be that we are thankful for that which the father is thankful for
Daniel 6
Jonah 2
1 Thessalonians 5:18

Real thanksgiving is the natural response to our understanding the grace of God in our lives
Hebrews 12:28